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May 31, 2018  


May 31, 2018

A simple Facebook post was all it took. Hope (“Shev”) sent a beacon out in early April regarding a dream to create a podcast and by a random generation of posts on her newsfeed, Anna (“Schab”) found that beacon and from then on her and Hope were destined to join forces.

Friends since freshman year of college, and collegiate field hockey all-stars (or at least, Shev was), these two young women have one simple goal: to waste your time by wasting their own. It’s a podcast dedicated to funny musings on purely… nothing, but at the same time maybe just about everything.

Not long after the two ladies set out on their mission did Shev’s friend Dan (“Spiderdan”) join the force by collaborating on a short segment each full episode.

Come and waste your time with us by hearing off-beat opinions on a variety of topics, compete alongside the hosts on special Shev v. Schab episodes, and participate in the polls and laugh at the photos posted on a variety of social media platforms (AKA Twitter and Instagram exclusively, we’re not super great at being millennials, technologically speaking).

Join is on the fun as two young women take the podcast world by storm and tune into Matter of Laugh.

Waste your time by letting us waste our own, we promise you (probably) won’t regret it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      XO Shev and Schab