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March 5, 2019  

The Bachelor Mommy Daddy sheet monster time - Ep 20

As the Bachelor season finale comes to an end next week, Shev and Schab revisit this past season and make their predictions for the semi finale and finale. Schab is a more experienced bachelor fanatic than Shev and has many strong opinions about the Gerber baby Colton Underwood. Shev and Schab analyze the first official full video of the fence jump and see if there are any spoilers. This could be a busy episode for Colton, he WILL jump the fence and he MAY lose his “virginity” in the fantasy suites.

February 19, 2019  

Bear the Cold Weather with Bare Hands and Feet - Ep 19

Episode that was meant to be published before the Impractical Jokers Cruise was not. What was meant to be about winter and escaping the cold turned into a show about the wonders of mother nature, space, mind grapes. Schab establishes Shev as the alpha. Shev talks about her excitement for the cruise. Shev and Schab argue over the word celestial. And just to be fun, Schab wants to make this an explicit episode, so you have been warned.

January 22, 2019  

Pretty Straight Very Christian Native American Indian Girl - Ep 18

You read that right! Or did you? Anyways, Shev set up a fan page for an artist years back and one crazy fan (or bot) sent a message to the page and it is one of the craziest stories you will ever hear. Just listen for yourself, you won’t believe it (because it’s fake).

January 9, 2019  

Darren on The Brink: Lost in Translation - Ep 17

Darren Wearmouth joins Shev again in part two of two back to back episodes. This time focusing on The Brink, the sequel to Awakened written by James S. Murray (A.K.A Murr from Impractical Jokers) with Mr. Darren Wearmouth. Excited for the new book? So are we, so take a listen to this episode and get hyped and learn about the writing process, editing process and more with exclusive content only heard on Matter of Laugh. And of course another round of “This or That” introduces Shev to strange British lingo. Most importantly, what Hogwarts house would Darren be assigned to? Listen now and pre-order The Brink now at and dive into the soul of the fantastic writer and human being, Darren Wearmouth.

December 19, 2018  

Darren’s Holiday Special: Francine the Cobalt Nostril Duckbill Platypus - Ep 16

Darren Wearmouth joins Shev as a return guest on Matter of Laugh for the Holiday Special. With a special themed holiday This or That, we find out that Darren and Shev celebrate the holidays in many similar ways. From Cousin Eddy to squishy plums we touch upon many holiday topics. Darren makes Shev question many things she thought she knew about the holidays, but also teaches a thing or two about the British Christmas traditions. The highlight of the episode is a special holiday Mad-Libs featuring a Christmas song. Bet you can’t guess which one it is?

December 4, 2018  

Codswallop Heads: Gemma is England - Ep 15

Gemma, host of the Talking Codswallop Podcast, joins Shev and Schab from across the pond for a wonderful episode as the sole representation of the Brits. Answering hard hitting questions (like polka dots or stripes) Gemma brings new laughs, new words, and new meaning to to things you thought you knew. However, Shev and Gemma do connect on a few things; their podcasting experience and their filters. Come on, listen to these three codswallop heads; you won't regret it.

November 13, 2018  

Pregame Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Holiday - Ep 14

After some not so boring business for a quarter of the episode your sick (cough cough) hosts get into some weird Thanksgiving conversation. Shev and Schab try to stay on topic, but find themselves on a number of tangents. Thanksgiving (loosely) related Guinness World Records, weird Thanksgiving themed food, and David S. Pumpkins are sure to get you in the mood for the Forgotten Borough of Holidays.

October 30, 2018  

We Are The Champions: Red Sox and Boston Sports - Ep 13

The Red Sox won the World Series and Shev was there to experience game 2. But before the series began, Shev and Schab got to sit down to discuss the reign of Boston Sports. Dan is back with Defending the Impossible and boy did he choose the wrong team to root for. Was Shev responsible for the World Series win and the fate of the Red Sox destiny with her lucky shirt? And last bit of advice: don’t just hate on Boston, hate on all of New England.

October 16, 2018  

Pregame Halloween: Thought Nuggets and Slutty Pilgrims - Ep12

Get ready for Halloween this year and tune in for an hour of ghost noises from Shev and Schab that apparently sound like sirens (well not that long). The ghost of Halloween past returns and Shev and Schab recount the fun of Halloween. They review their childhood costumes and how the adult “slutty” versions have destroyed their innocence. They discuss their favorite candy and question what makes a Halloween movie. Join this spooky episode recorded in the rain and pregame for Halloween coming up soon.

October 2, 2018  

Back to Basic Bitches: Be Calm and Fall On - Ep 11

The age old question of fall: Apple or pumpkin? An intense this or that where Shev and Schab take different sides. With fall arriving, there are many activities that come with it; Halloween, leaf catching, flu shot getting, raking, corn mazing and apple picking. Shev and Schab really struggle to find their words and keep their concentration which is why this episode features a spontaneous game of male or female as Shev and Schab gender-fy all 50 states.